Water doctor

You must be wondering what kind of doctor is this? Does water also have a doctor? So the answer is yes.

A water Doctor is a person who has a piece of deep knowledge regarding water quality, percentage of contamination, tips for saving it, and finding new technology to improve drinking water quality and quantity.

Water doctors
water doctors

What is the need for this work?

If someone had said a few years ago that there would be employment opportunities with the issue of “water expert”, people would have laughed at that man. The question of what kind of water expert and why is it, would have come to our mind automatically.

With a few exceptions, water was not a problem for anyone. It was assumed that there was water. Pretty clean. In many places, tap water was available 24 hours a day. Over time, that is likely to change. Water was found to be rare in some places. In some places, water comes in from time to time. In some places, the water quality is very poor.

The city of Captain in South Africa ran out of water last year. People had to work hard to fill the Ganges with water. Some even make a frightening prediction that such a situation will happen in the near future. We are experiencing the crisis of drought today. In addition, 300 ml of Coca-Cola or similar soft drink cans directly or indirectly consume about 51 liters of water, say, researchers. It clearly ignored by the upper class.

Many young people also drink soft drinks in a way that has nothing to do with you.
We dream of making money like water, But water is a business, and saving it is the need of the hour.

water contamination
water doctor and water contamination

Who has the opportunity?

We now need manpower that can effectively solve various water-related issues. In fact, it still seems so to some extent. For example, there is a strong emphasis on the use of rainwater harvesting technology to bury rainwater in every home and office where possible. Since this water is a net waste, the concept of recharging that water into the soil and using it later has become very important.

In some places, the concept of purifying wastewater and using it for purposes other than drinking is slowly gaining ground. Water conservation schemes widely implemented in rural areas. All in all, there is no doubt that we all feel the seriousness of this question.

Why and how much scope?

The scope of the water crisis will continue to grow from here on out. These jobs require traditional educated civil engineers, environmental graduates, but also a large number of young people, such as water experts and water conservators. These churches need to know about building construction, geology, and scientific concepts related to water.

This means that they will need to understand a few things in the subjects taught in different degree courses. Their job will be to save groundwater as much as possible and to plan what needs to be done to use ground water sparingly. They will also have to go to places where there is a shortage of water or the quality of water is poor, to understand the problems there and to study what can be done to solve them.


Geographical Information System (GIS) technology now widely used in geology. Naturally, this should be known to the water expert. He should also know how to prevent water pollution. Apart from this, water experts will be involved in a wide range of activities ranging from formulating strategies for proper water management to implementing them when there is a bizarre situation of floods on one side and drought on the other.

Unfortunately, if there is a third world war, it will be for water; That’s called. To avoid that, you need to consider water experts as employment opportunities. This question has not been raised in front of anyone, but it has spread all over the world. The persistent drought in our country of India and the dire situation facing the farmers are a telling example of this.

water condition( source dw)

How to save water? work of water doctor

1) Use modern rainwater harvesting in your homes as much as possible. With this technology, you can use the stored water for yourself on summer days.

2) Turn off the faucet if not needed while brushing teeth.

3) Take a bath in a bucket instead of a shower.

4) Wash the car with minimum of water.

5) Do not use water in the toilet without any reason.

6) If there is leakage in the pipe, get it fixed.

7) Use drip irrigation in the field

8) If the public tap is on, turn it off

9) Try to wash the vegetables in the same water.

10) Use mulching paper in fields to save water from evaporating.

11) Awaken the people about it.

Key Facts (source :- WHO report)

  • In 2017, 71% of the global population (5.3 billion people) used a safely managed drinking-water service – that is, one located on-premises, available when needed, and free from contamination.
  • 90% of the global population (6.8 billion people) used at least a basic service. Basic service is an improved drinking-water source within a round trip of 30 minutes to collect water.
  • 785 million people lack even a basic drinking-water service, including 144 million people who are dependent on surface water.
  • Globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with feces.
  • Contaminated water can transmit diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. Contaminated drinking water estimated to cause 485 000 diarrhoeal deaths each year.
  • By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas.
  • In the least developed countries, 22% of health care facilities have no water service, 21% no sanitation service, and 22% no waste management service. (Source: WHO report)

Bottom line

Today due to human activities we have contaminated the most precious gift of nature i.e water. Water is the only element due to which life exists on Earth. I request all the humans to please save the water for future generations. Use water in a sustainable manner. Follow the given tips. Think wisely.

Water Doctor will help in handling the water resources in better manner.

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