virtual reality

Virtual reality (V.R) this word is constantly being heard these days. That is, VR technology will create an antithesis that you can feel as if it is something that does not exist, that is not real, and that you think it is very real.

VR technology is used for many things in our daily lives. Especially where you want to create the illusion of something,VR technology is very fast. While some things may be impossible, this technology is useful when you want to share your experience with someone. For example, if you wear this helmet in a device like a helmet that uses this technology, you can create the impression that you are at home and on the beach of Mumbai. You will feel as if you are taking a walk on that beach. Naturally, VR technology will be used extensively for many tasks, from entertainment to experiencing the impossible things.

Why will this be important in the future?

virtual reality

 Now “augmented reality” (AR) and “mixed reality” (MR) variants of virtual reality technology have also come into existence. In VR we completely obliterated from the existence of the real physical world. For example, if you wear equipment just for VR technicians, it will create the impression that you are in a pile of penguins. That means you will see penguins around you and you will feel like you are walking with them.

 AR technology will create the impression that something like this is all around us. But he will have a pair of devices like a camera or a smartphone. “Pok√©mon Go” is a very popular game. It creates the impression that something is happening in the area where you are. Also, if you are experiencing Mumbai’s beaches at home, you will now have the experience of walking on Mumbai’s sand on foot.

The third technology, MR, includes both VR and AR technologies. In addition, things in this technology will interact with each other. I mean, in the example above, in a game of birds perched on a tree in the garden, you will feel as if the bird is speaking in the language of birds.

What skills do you need to learn this?


 In general, four skills related to VR technology are important. The first of these skills known as “Native App Development”. It is written to create the illusion of software. For this, the concepts of three-dimensional view have to be clear. In addition to this, a software like “Unity” can be used. It requires a language like JavaScript to write programs.


The second skill is “cinematic virtual reality creation”. The scene tipped using a special camera. It takes to show abandoned scenes in movies, series, etc. Getting special editor software for this. You have to learn it. Not only 360 degree but also three dimensional visual capture is possible. This means that if you take a camera in your hand and capture this scene, you get a three-dimensional video. In it we can mix the three dimensional view we want. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well. The fourth skill is “web development”.

This involves mixing virtual views into the website you are using using VR. For example, you can do “VR shopping” while on Facebook. The important point is that working on VR was beyond the capabilities of a single person. A team of many people work together on a project for this. The skills of different people are different. This means that the skills that complement your skills are in the hands of others and the VR project can be completed with the combined skills of all.

What are the employment opportunities?

Learning things related to VR and the technology associated with them is not easy task. This is because the technology uses concepts from many fields. It covers many subjects like mathematics, engineering, programming, arts, visual arts. This means that only a person with a broad perspective on all such things can survive in this field. This field is more convenient for those who have done engineering .This means that many technical subjects have been introduced in engineering and mathematical concepts have become more clear. Those who have other degrees can also do this if they have a deep background in mathematics. Those who have difficulty in understanding mathematical engineering, three-dimensional concepts, however, should not turn to this field. This is an exception for those who want to enter the field of art.

Conclusion :

I assure you that in future mostly things will be totally based on MR. And the day is not very far where mostly thing will be based on V.R

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