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Time travel in 2021

Time travel means travelling in two or more different points in a time. Any object, human can travel in time. Time machine is used to perform time travel. Today it is a hypothetical concept.

time travel

Is time travel a paradox?

The date was 28 June 2009 at the University of Cambridge, England. In one part of the university there were colored balloons, champagne was being served in glass, but no guests came. The host of the party, Physics Professor Stephen Hawking, was waiting for the guests. The back banner clearly read “Welcome Time Travelers”, meaning that those traveling beyond time are welcome.

Hawking did not inform anyone about his plan. He sent the invitation the next day. He believed that if someone can travel time in the past, then he would definitely come to the party. The absence of time travel proves that we cannot travel from the future in the past or the time traveler will have some more important work.

History of time travel concept

Whether time travel is possible or not, you would think that time travel would be the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčancient times. It was invented in 1895 by H.G. Wells. In his debut novel “Time Machine”. Some writers use it to fulfill wishes, Meeting historical heroes and resolving mistakes, like made part of fantasies. The biggest question before us is that can we travel time as told in films and books? If you will meet hundred writers who write about time travel, then they will tell you that time travel is a fantasy, but if you will meet scientists who are doing research on time travel, then most of them  will tell that time travel can be possible.


Concept of time travel

It is clear that events happen in a particular order. Scientists started to think that time has its own dimension. Which we can generally say that we live in 4D, not 3D. Thinking that there is a problem, there is light. People have been testing for decades, but they came to know that the speed of light is constant. An equation you might have had in your school (speed =distance Travelled / time taken) is a simple equation that explains how time works. The speed of light is always the same. Example if you hold a watch in your hand and run with it and you gain momentum around the speed of light, you will see that your clock will move at a slower speed.

Infinite small time travel

International space station
International space station

We use satellites around the earth. Satellites move at a speed of 14,000 kilometers per hour. Looking at the GPS satellite, they find out where on earth you are. We have to find out where the satellite is at a particular time, if its clock is working differently then it is not easy to do so. The speed effect will make a difference of 7 micro seconds every day and the effect of gravity 45 micro seconds every day. In this way, I have to change the time of GPS satellite every 2 seconds or else the navigation system will come to a standstill. We can say that the speed of time is not the same for everyone, we can see it in the surrounding world.


If the speed of time can be different for GPS satellite, can the speed of time also be different for humans? For example, astronauts living on the International Space Station are far away from the Earth, they orbit the Earth very fast. So does this affect their age? If we say theoretically, it has an effect, their time moves slower than the time we are here.

Is time travel possible today?

Presently, the rockets available to us, you are not in a situation to create a big difference of time between you and the Earth. If we try to reach our nearest star other than the sun, then with the help of current technology, it will take us 1 lakh years. It is a long time and you can come and show your friends that you are older than them. Even if you have made such a device, it will be very risky to succeed. There is a high chance of your rocket breaking.

How Is time travel possible?

time travel
time machine

If you have to travel in the future, there is another option. You go to a body with very high gravity. For example, if you go close to the block hole, spend some time there and then come back to earth, it will have the same effect as those who wanted to go by rocket. Because time will run slower for you than people living on earth and you will be able to go in future. But there is also risk in this. If you move near a black hole, the condition can be very dangerous. But scientists have this way through which we can travel time. You can also go ahead. Scientists say that we do not know any way to go in the past, we think it is almost impossible here.


worm hole

Can we travel time if space time changes? That will make things a little easier. For this, physicists write some mathematical equations and test their theories. But the first hypothesis for this equation was conceived in the 1930s by Albert Einstein and Nathan Roger.

It is basically a space-time tube that connects one to the others I.e. wormhole. Those that connect two corners can be far away from one. It is a way to go from one time to another or from one place to another, that is, a shortcut. But we have not found any evidence of its presence. If you want to go in the past or want an hour more, then it is impossible in physics but it is possible according to the equations of mathematics.


We know that every concept before born was a hypothetical idea. But as the time passed idea became reality. Today we have mobile, computer, airplane etc. Like that I’m sure that the time machine will also available in future. The answer of the above question will be available with time. But humans will always keep trying for time machine and new ideas.

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