city on mars

Our Earth is the only planet in this universe or says solar system where life exists. Our Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago and life emerged on Earth before 3.7 billion years ago.[ City On Mars]

Elon musk named “Mars Alpha Base” the first city established on mars till 2028.

city on mars
city on mars

Why do humans want to establish their presence on other planets like Mars?

The biggest question among the scientists was how dinosaurs vanished suddenly from Earth? Many scientist and research give their own opinion but the most accepted one is the impact of a large celestial object on the Earth. According to zoological evidence dinosaurs become vanished from the earth around 66 million years ago due to an impact between Earth and a large celestial object because of which we lost 99.9 percentage of life species. This is the main reason why great scientists and futuristic persons like Elon musk want to establish a new home as Mars.

When the Elon musk was asked why he wants to go to Mars.

He said we have two options either we stay on earth and wait till any destruction occurs like third world war with nuclear weapons or an asteroid may hit the earth. The second choice is to establish a new colony on another planet mostly Mars. in this way, the human may save their existence.

In 2024 Elon Musk targets to send the first human mission on Mars. It will be around 6 months long. This mission will be the starting of Elon musk’s dream goal to make life a multi-planetary species. To achieve this specific will required to set up a powerful and multi-purpose base on Mars before establishing any human colony. For this Elon musk has designed a special type of locket named a starship. It will transport hundreds of people from Earth to Mars for establishing a base. These early passengers would include engineers, biologists, geologists, scientists and cosmologists, and many more.

martian city
Martian city

How will the first astronomers establish a base for the city on Mars?

When the first team will reach on Mars they will require a place (base camp) to stay. Because the martian surface is very exposed to radiation as compared to earth humans will live in underground using more advanced technology they can live on martian surface but the roof of buildings needed to be covered with water because water absorbs most of the radiation. but transporting water from Earth to Mars will be very expensive. to stay for longer period on Mars Martian’s will need to use local materials. luckily the martian soil contains iron aluminium magnesium in abundant quantity. oxygen is present in its atmosphere and buried ice beneath the surface can be used as water after extraction. This will solve the problem of water requirement on Mars.

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Can you legally own land for City On Mars ?

In 1967 the US, UK, and the Soviet Union all signed the outer space treaty. According to the treaty, no Nation can claim ownership of space or celestial body. Hence it will be all depend on Mars citizens to make their own rules and laws to make the city on mars beautiful. To avoid conflicts for resources the Martians need to establish a better system and a new currency, unlike Earth. To establish a healthy system the persons in the group will be nominated. Human beings will create a better society on Mars by avoiding the mistakes made on earth.


What Elon Musk says

“I think most likely the form of government on Mars would be a direct democracy, not representative. So it would be people voting directly on the issue. The potential of corruption is substantially diminished in a direct Vs representative democracy. It should probably be easier to remove a law than to create one. My recommendation would be something like say 60% of people need to vote in to pass the law but at any point greater than 40% people can remove it. And any loss should come with a built-in sunset provision. This kind of law process will help to create a more advanced and better society on Mars.

Why should we go to Mars?

In our solar system, we have Venus where atmospheric pressure is very high along with acid rain as death. Next is mercury which is very hot as it is very close to the sun. Jupiter and Saturn are all gas planets hence no use. But their moons like Titans can be an option. But they are very far. We may choose our earth-moon, but it is very small for a huge Civilization and it has no atmosphere. Hence we have only one option and that is Mars.

Situation on Mars

Mars is distant to sun as compared to Earth. Hence it is very cold. The average temperature on Mars is – 60 degrees Celsius. The air of Mars is not suitable for us. It contains almost 96% of CO2, 2.5 % of nitrogen, 2% agon, and 0.1 74 % oxygen.
The gravity on Mars is one-third of Earth. This means you can jump very long and high on Mars. Mars and Earth have the same axis of rotation hence the martian day are 40 minutes longer than Earth Day.

How will we get shelter on Mars?

To make houses on Mars NASA decided to ask the public for new ideas regarding the city on mars. In 2010 NASA launched its third printed habitat challenge. In 2019 the challenge ended with the prize distribution of $5,000,00. The structure selected on the basis of durability, air tight capacity, safety from radiation, construction material used and so on. The first prize was grabbed by team “AI factory”.

They used Basalt composite as a building material because basalt rocks present in abundant quantity on mars. Their structure can protect humans from radiation on Mars which is 5000 times more than a person’s lifetime radiation received on earth. This is more than enough and a person may cause premature death due to cancer caused by radiation. More research happening on the demo home.

Is there a vehicle on Mars?

At present, there are rovers as vehicles present on the city on Mars. The names of the five rovers are Sojourner, Spirit and Opportunity, Curiosity, and Perseverance. Taking Inspiration and experience after driving rovers on Martian surface. NASA has built a Martian Truck which is suitable for harsh environments.


Bottom line

We humans wants to establish our presence in outer space. But this not an easy task. In future the poor peoples, will not have enough money to reside on mars. And they will need to live in the planet full of garbage and pollution. To avoid this situation lets work together or on individual level to save our planet for future. And contribute to make Martian city as a real city.

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