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Social media

Social media simply means “media of peoples”. It is a medium through which peoples of whole world share their ideas, information, creativity, and thoughts with each other. It is based on internet and its application.

social media

The world of social media is something we need. WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn are some of the popular ones. Some are on digital media just to spend time and some to do business. Now all the companies use a lot of social media for their advertisements. Politicians and leaders also share their views on Twitter.

In this recent US election Donald Trump used twitter to share false rumor among the citizen’s . US President Donald Trump only communicates on Twitter. Even our Prime Minister has been reaching out to the people for the last six years ,but mainly through speeches on Twitter and radio. While the power of internet media as a whole is well-known , but most of the people tend to use it for personal gain. The form of these social media has changed over time, but the concept of “social media” seems to have survived for a long time.

What are the top 10 social media apps?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger
  • Tik tok
  • We chat
  • Email
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
types of social media
types of social media

What are the types of social media?

At present there are 7 types of social media based on use, purpose, type of sharing content and bulk sharing.

Social networking sites

peoples use social networking sites for sharing all type of content from images to videos and etc. Some of the renowned sites are fb, WhatsApp and so on. It is the most used type of media.

Social review sites.

As the name suggests this sites are used for giving reviews on various products which are used in everyday life. Some of them are Flipkart , amazon, Alibaba, shop clues and many more. This type of media is depends on other types of media for establishing their empire in consumer world.

Image sharing sites

There are numerous sharing sites which are totally dedicated for sharing photos, images and pictures only. Some of the popular sites are Pinterest, Pixabay, unsplashed, Instagram and many more.

Video hosting sites

This kind of sites totally dedicated for sharing videos only. some of them are tik tok, josh, and many more

. Live News channels on you tube also act as video sites.

Community blogs

These sites are totally dedicated for sharing information as blog only. Some famous sites are Quora, Chegg and many more.

Discussion sites.

Discussion is possible via graphically, text or videos. Some of the famous sites are google duo, zoom , and etc.

Sharing economy networks.

This types of sites controls the transaction of money between two persons. The first online site for sharing money was now it known as “PayPal”. It is used over the whole world. In this the conformation is done by using email. Now there are many such platforms like google pay, phone pay and etc.-

social media
social media

Is social media good or bad?

I would like to give this answer on my own experience. Everything in this world is not totally perfect. Each one have some fault. It depends on us. Whether we use it for our development or as time pass. There are many peoples who use digital media for earning money, advertisement, sharing knowledge and many things. But some people use it a medium for creating hatred among us. Like many people use it for creating rumor, sharing banned images and targeting some specific religion.

In India the IT cell of BJP and Congress political party always try to create clash between Hindus and Muslims. Mostly BJP IT cell is famous for this. They try to share false news among citizens and they try to distract peoples from truth. In such a way media used in India for bad purpose.

Ex:-Twitter Tags Amit Malviya’s Tweet as Manipulated, But Now What?

social media
social media

Why will this be important in the future?

Social media has engulfed the masses. We see that many people are literally addicted to it. Once they were used, it would be very difficult to get rid of them. Since everyone from politicians to companies are aware of this, they advertise through this mediums in a very attractive way. There is only one fight between them for spreading their news . Special experts also appointed for this.

social media
social media future

As more people are turning to digital media than print media as a whole, the flow of advertisements seems to be drying up towards digital media as well. Many companies can easily convey your thoughts, information about your product, details of latest developments directly to the people.

About one third of the world’s population use this internet based media. The young population is also high. Inevitably, the use of social media will increase even faster from now on. This internet based media will continue to do whatever it takes to pull people away from traditional media. Naturally, he is the one who struggles to keep the grip of social media in his hands.

What are the skills to learn this?

Not only being able to use this internet media, but also developing an understanding of this is important. We have to ask ourselves; why a post on social media goes viral? and why people don’t even look at the numerous other posts?. This answer will give you the answer to what you need to do to acquire the skills related to social media.

For this, we need to pay close attention to the clever use of social media by the people. Even the simplest thing would be hidden in the way they spread on social media. It includes a number of things that appeal to people, such as the use of humorous or humorous language, the right context. Big leaders have literally an army of people for this. These people use this media very cleverly to brighten the image of that leader. This is because people now constantly want something new and fresh

It’s time to dump her and move on. This means that only those who can support such speed will survive here. The ability of people to think about what is happening around them at a tremendous pace and to make concise comments about it is very active in this field and will continue to be so.

What are the employment opportunities?

1) Recognizing the power of this global internet media and the need for people who can use it properly. It has a large requirement. In a nutshell, using pictures and videos can be a great way to impress people with the image you want.

2) It does not require much technical knowledge. We can say that this area is somewhat like an advertising area. Those who want to go further and do something in this field are more concerned with “social media marketing”.


We owns elf have to decide whether we want digital media for our carrier development or make it as a medium of just chill. Because the inventers of digital media are among the worlds richest person like Mark zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and so on. Thus use social media when it is urgent. Don’t fall in trap fake news.

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