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Samsung revealed the most awaited updated version of Galaxy earbuds. On Wednesday (12 August ) Samsung launched many galaxy products like Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic, and Galaxy Buds2

in a virtual event called ” Galaxy UNPACKED 2021 “.

The Galaxy buds2 is embedded with an Active Noise Cancellation feature with a new design and improved water-resistant technology.

Galaxy buds 2 are available for pre-order with a price of around $150 (Rs 11,150). The Buds2 is available in 4 colours white, olive, lavender and graphite.

The case of Earbuds 2 supports Qi wireless charging.

Each earbud is integrated with two drivers (dynamic two way:- woofer (11mm) and tweeter (6.5mm).

galaxy buds2
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Sound Quality

New galaxy earbuds 2 have an active noise cancellation feature which was missing in two years old original earbuds.

According to Samsung; Galaxy buds 2 can detect ambient noise and active noise cancellation can block unwanted sound.

Samsung says that it can reduce background noise up to 98%.

Galaxy earbuds 2 is more effective with low pitch sound as compared to high pitch sound. For example, it can block the irritating sound of a fan but cannot resist the sound of keyboard buttons.

Galaxy buds 2 has 6 various equalizer options Viz. normal, bass boost, soft, dynamic, clear and triple boost.

Besides ANC Galaxy buds2 offers a three-step ambient sound mode that allows you to hear the surrounding sound, a similar feature is also available in Apple’s air pod pro as transparency mode.

You can switch from ANC to ambient noise by touching, holding one of the earbuds or using Samsung wear app.

In Galaxy buds 2 the “voice detect” feature is absent. “voice detect” automatically activates when you start talking.

Other Specifications

Galaxy buds2 work with the latest Bluetooth specification i.e Bluetooth 5.2.

It also supports SBS, AAE and Samsung’s scalable codec.

The scalable codec feature allows the transfer of audio via Bluetooth without any audio loss.

But it does not support two-measure lossless Bluetooth codecs. Qualcomm APTX adaptive and Sony’s LDAC.

New Galaxy buds 2 has a more rounded look and glossy design as compared to its earlier versions.

its water-resistant feature upgraded to IPX7 rating means you can keep your earbuds underwater for 30 minutes without any tension. previous Galaxy buds, buds plus and buds live had only an IPX2 rating.

The size of each earbud is 20.9 mm × 17 mm with a weight of 5 grams only.

Galaxy Buds 2 comes with three sets of ear tips i.e small, medium, and large.

The new “earbud fittest” is available on the Samsung wear app checks whether buds fit in the ear perfectly or not.

Battery life

Samsung says that Galaxy buds 2 have five hours of battery with AMC and 7.5 hrs without ANC.

The charging case can be charged with Qi wireless charging and with a USB C or USB A  cable. It can boost the battery life of buds up to 20 hours.

You can check the battery life of real birds with Galaxy watch 4 when connected. It operates on RTC operating system.


The clarity and deep bass are really impressive. For $150 it can be a good deal, especially for Samsung users.

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