Humans discovered various forms and sources of electricity with the passage of time and thus the list of inventors of electricity is quite long.

In ancient times The peoples of Egypt found that some fishes produce and natural phenomena that can kill the other aquatic animals. The ancient Egyptians used this torpedo
( an electric marine ray) to treat epilepsy. But they couldn’t found the reason behind it.

Thales of Miletus ( 600-1599) BC

Thales was a Greek mathematician and philosopher. He observed that when Amber (Fossilised tree resins) rubbed with wool-like material (cat fur) it attracts lightweight materials like feathers. He concluded this happens due to the magnetic property. This is the first historical reference to static electricity.

William Gilbert ( 1544 – 1603) inventors of electricity

He was a physician and an experimentalist. He was the first person who gave the real reason behind the Thales experiment. The attraction was due to static electricity and nothing else. He bought a six-volume book containing all knowledge of electricity and magnetism published in 1600 titled “De magnete”. (inventors of electricity)

He coined the words "electricity" and "electric force"

Benjamin Franklin

During this time people were using electricity for magic tricks like creating spark and shocks. But Benjamin wanted to know the reason behind it. He believed that lightning and electricity are the same things, but to prove it he required a tall building to attract lightning. At that time there was not so much tall building in Philadelphia.

He shared this idea with many others at that time and they brought all this knowledge in a small book title “experiments and observations on electricity”.

Rather than waiting, he used a kite and the key to attract lightning. He had chosen a day of thunderstorms weather. He tied a key on kite thread and flown it in the sky. The moisture in the air made the thread wet and it acted as a conductor. When the lightning hit the key attached to the kite, Benjamin felt shocked. In this way, he proved that electricity and lightning are the same. He found that lightning carries an electric current.

Alessandro Volta (inventors of electricity)

He was a physicist, chemist, and experimentalist who invented the first battery in 1799 which people then called the “Voltech pile”.

He also discovered Methane.

Volta created the first electrochemical cells. It consists of two electrodes zinc and copper. The electrolyte was either saltwater or sulphuric acid + water. But this battery was not safe because while adding water to acid it explodes which was very dangerous. The power of the battery was also very low.

He also discovered that electric potential V in a capacitor is directly proportional to electric charge.



For his wonderful contribution to science in 1881 scientists decided to name the unit of electric potential after Alexander volt I.e “volt”.

Michael Faraday (1791- 1867)

Michael Faraday was a scientist, inventor, and chemist. He gave a new form of electricity which is called a Faraday law of electromagnetic induction. It is a fundamental principle of transformers, inductors, generators, electric motors, solenoids, toroids, and coils.
He also constructed the world’s first electric motor in 1821 which was based on electromagnetic phenomena.

Thomas Alva Ediso
n (1847-1931)

Thomas found a new way of transportation of electricity. He invented a commercially available electric light bulb on 21 October 1879. later he founded Edison’s illuminating company in the 1880s for the distribution of DC supply.

But the main disadvantage was the Range.The range of DC supply was not more than 2 miles. Because of this, a new power station needed to be established. This limited the journey of DC supply.

By DC supply, many times the bulbs burst and due to which the house caught fire. This made power transmission unsafe among peoples.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) Inventors of electricity

He was an inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and a great thinker. Tesla founded that there were many complications and limitations of the DC power supply. So he made a deal of $50,000 (1 million dollars in today’s time) for improvement in the electricity distribution system.

When Tesla went to ask for his money after finishing work, Edison said that you can’t even understand the joke of the Americans and refused to give the money. Because of this Tesla left the edition company. In 1888 Tesla started working with George Westinghouse who had been working on AC distribution. And in this way, Tesla founded the new way of transportation of electricity i.e AC current.

This resulted in the clash between Tesla and Edison. In history, it is popularly known as the "war of electricity".

Albert Einstein Inventors of electricity

He was a great scientist and philosopher. According to his theory when the light of a specific frequency falls on a metal surface, the electrons emitted from the surface. This effect is known as the photoelectric effect. These free electrons are used to generate electricity in solar panels. In 1921 he was awarded the Nobel prize for the photoelectric effect.

Bottom Line 

The inventors worked day and night to invent electricity for us. But now the condition is very miserable. We don’t understand the importance of electricity and waste it. I request all my people not to waste electricity and use it carefully.

Save Electricity
Save Electricity

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