How to find a lost mobile?

Mobile theft is very critical condition. Mobile is the lifeblood of young children.

Putting it down for a minute, letting anyone see it also feels like an invasion of privacy. But in today’s digital age, do you really care about your mobile or are you careless? Here the chances of how to find lost mobile starts.

Of course, such carelessness can cost you dearly.Even if the mobile lost, misplaced or stolen, some things need to be done immediately. They are more important for your safety and must be done. Otherwise, it could invite major crises.To get it you have to search the internet to report it to the police. Yet there is no guarantee of getting it.

How to find a lost mobile?
How to find a lost mobile?

Here are some tips about What to do when your mobile is stolen?

1) Even if the mobile is stolen or lost It is the first responsibility of the mobile user to reach the police station immediately and lodge a complaint. If you lose, get a new mobile, what will happen by complaining, this attitude is wrong.

2) Why complain if mobile is stolen? ( How to find lost mobile?)

It also stores your important documents, photos, credit card, debit card information, important contacts, various online and financial transaction message alerts, and registered information along with SIM in your mobile.

This can lead to online transactions, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, online defamation, etc. using a debit card through an app from a stolen or missing mobile. It is also necessary to lodge a police complaint. Because no one should cheat in your name.

3) When reporting a missing mobile, mention the model number of the mobile, IMEI number, your e-mail ID, mobile number, address, and other information related to the mobile company, SIM card. Based on these details, it will be easier for the police to trace the mobile.

4) The most important is the IMEI number of the mobile. When anyone purchases a mobile, a 12-digit number resembling a barcode given on its purchase bill. It is very important to save it because if the mobile is stolen or lost, this number has to be mentioned in the application when reporting it to the police.

5) Contact the network operator immediately and ask them to turn off your SIM card immediately. So we can restrict online transactions through our SIM. Can stop SIM misuse. All your credit cards, debit cards, and bank accounts may attach to that number, thus avoiding financial clutter.


6) Password reset a step in ( How to find lost mobile?)

As soon as the mobile stolen, you should reset the password of Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp as soon as possible so that the data can be saved from theft.

How to find a lost mobile?
How to find a lost mobile?

7) After registering an online complaint of mobile theft, go to the police station in the area where the mobile lost or stolen and register an FIR regarding the mobile and get a copy.

8) Contact your bank or your credit card company and request them to stop all transactions immediately by giving your bank transaction related data, account number information, your bank, credit card company information, password used in it.

9) But now the telephone account and the police have created a web portal. Currently, this service is available in Delhi and Mumbai. Mobiles can be moved or stolen. To block IMI numbers, one has to go to the  website and fill up the registration form.

10) By making SIM card in lost mobile and starting SIM card of the same number, go to the website through CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register) system and fill in the information through the block stolen/lost Mobile option and click on the submit button. You will then receive a message reporting the complaint. Don’t miss it online. Request ID will then be given. Mobile can be tracked by ID.

IMEI number can be blocked as soon as the phone received. The stolen or found phone will have to be reported to the nearest police station. This system is connected to all telecom operators and IMI databases. Telecom operators also provide all the information related to their network to this system. This will make it easier to find the phone.

Bottom line

 Mobile is an integral part of everyone’s daily life. In today’s era, one can live for 1 day without eating food, but it is very difficult to spend a day without a mobile. That is why protect the mobile from theft and use the Internet carefully. These are the steps in the process How to find lost mobile?

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