Since ancient times our ancestors used to adopt some techniques to preserve their information. They mostly used symbolic symbols as password.

 Today almost everyone wants privacy for what they do in their everyday life. Privacy became an essential part of our life. Now, privacy means data, and to secure data we require a password. But today we live in a digital world where we have to use it to keep our data secure.

Choosing the correct password is a very difficult task.  We have to keep in mind two things in choosing the right password, first is the password should be unique, new, secure, and long, and secondly, many people do not remember their password.

We already have many different passwords, above all, creating a new password seems to be a very easy task because we have been doing it for years. But as the passwords associated with our usernames are getting hacked; Creating a strong password has become very important.  Today we will go through this article to know how to store passwords, how to recognize the common password,s and how to create a secure password.

Where is it safe to store passwords?

You can keep your password for free in many popular web browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge.  This is one of the easiest ways.  Especially when the browser itself gives you a notification whether you need to save your password.  
Another way is password managers, they save your passwords in encrypted form.  The password managers that are good work on both your computer and mobile. For security purposes, password managers and web browsers use a master password to access the stored password. 

Password saving permission

Every company has a different approach.  Just like Microsoft uses your Windows password to store the password in Microsoft Edge, Google uses your Gmail password.  So if you have only one password it should be very strong.

How strong is my password?

Did you know that anyone can crack a simple password in seconds but a complex password can take months or even years to crack?  But with the help of computers, hackers can guess trillions of passwords in a second. Most people use common names as their passwords, due to which a hacker can use dictionary attacks by trying some common words which he/she used previously. To protect from hackers always try to use Two-factor Authentication which provides you double security.

How do I get a unique password?

Try to create a password having a combination of lowercase, uppercase, number and some special characters. Using only lowercase characters hackers c an solve it using 26 options

. But using all set you creates 96 different options due to which it will be very hard for even computer to find the right password. 

How to secure your password and create a password?

You should follow the above-mentioned steps for creating a better password.

1. Try to choose a long password

If you can’t remember hard and tricky passwords try to use some long passwords. Because long passwords require more guesses rather than small but difficult passwords.
You might have noticed that financial institutions like banks and money transaction apps ask you for a combination of at least one special, number, upper and lower case characters which automatically increases the length of the password.

2. Create a different password for each account

If you are using the same password for different accounts then if any of your accounts get hacked it will be very easy for hackers to unlock other accounts. Hence create unique passwords for each account will reduce the chances of damage.

3. Try to keep a backup of the password

Password reset is a good option. But to reset your password you need to go through a lengthy process of identification, which do not work sometimes. Therefore, if possible, remember your password or else decide where to keep it.

Many times we create different passwords for different websites which is very hard to remember, in this condition you can prefer to use a password manager which requires only a single long password.


4. keep changing your password

If you think that someone is tampering with your account, then change your password immediately.  In this way, you can avoid being a victim of a major cyber attack.

If you have not changed the password of the account for several days, then it can become a very easy victim for a hacker.  So keep changing your password from time to time and do not compromise on your security.

5.Don’t make easy passwords

Many people use “password” as their password. This is one of the easiest guesses for any human as well as a computer. While creating a password keep these points in mind

  1. Never use your personal information like Name, phone no, Date of birth, bank account no, vehicle registration no, family member name, address and etc
  2. do not use sequential no like 123456 or 22668855, Mmmmm, catcat.
  3. Never use alphabets as given on the keyboard like “qwerty”, “zxcvb” or “asdfghjkl”.
  4. Do not use reverse words like “airegin” -> Nigeria.
  5. a word containing a number like ” 0range”  or “9inger”.
  6. Never use your username-related words in password.

6.Use password checker

If you want to test the strength of your password, then you should use Password Checker.  In this, you get to know how strong your passwords are, it shows the rating according to the password which is weak, slightly strong, and very strong.  If your password is showing weak then you can make it very strong by putting some numbers, special characters in it.

7.Try foreign languages

Most of the computers will try to crack passwords in English but you can use foreign languages like “the three musketeers” in Spanish as” Los-tres- mosqueteros” which is almost impossible for any computer to hack.

Inventors of electricity and development

Is writing passwords bad?

It is up to you to write the password or not. It has some advantages and disadvantages.

 If you live in an apartment with your friends, you don’t want to forget to write down your passwords because you live with people you don’t trust, your friends can see your passwords in your absence and use them incorrectly.
 You work in a company and someone sees your password, then it can become a threat to your job.
If you accidentally lose your mobile, then at such a time you can quickly change the passwords of your account with the help of the password written with you.

What is the world’s worst password?

These are the worlds top 15 worst password of 2020

  • 123456
  • 123456789
  • picture1
  • password
  • 12345678
  • 111111
  • iloveyou
  • 123123
  • 12345
  • 1234567890
  • senha
  • abc123
  • Million2
  • password1
  • 000000

Bottom line

In today’s advanced world everything is changing. In this way, passwords are also getting old.  Nowadays fingerprint and face unlock have reduced the need for passwords.  But till now none of these have proved to be completely effective, so for now we have to work with passwords only.

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