Hard Skills vs Soft skills

Hard skills vs soft skills is a very important comparison. It helps you to decide, find and upgrade your weakness. Both soft hard skill and soft skill is important for our personality development.

Hard vs soft skills
Hard vs soft skills

LinkedIn is currently the largest business professional network. Many make effective use of LinkedIn for their professional endeavors. It recently released a list of data. Both hard and soft skills are important, and creativity is even more important, says the data. This study also underscores the importance of soft skills. 57% of business leaders think that soft skills are more important than hard skills.

Accordingly, it has mentioned five important soft skills. And 26 hard skills. Take a look at that too, you will definitely see a glimpse of where we are in the new world.

What are the 5 soft skills?

1) Inflammation

Robots are now able to better implement the ideas suggested to humans. But they have no idea. So the management will no longer need ingenious people who can come up with new ideas. So rather than copying others ideas, try to imagine new ideas.

2) Ability to persuade

Ability to persuade
300Ability to persuade

No matter how good the idea is, no matter how great the product is, people need to embrace that ingenuity, to raise money to raise money for it. Persons who has this ability of convincing customers they grow faster in life as compared to others.

3) Cooperation


In the new era, work grows, not only man but also machines are connected to the project, the ability to work collaboratively by assembling and adapting to all of them. Teamwork is essential for achieving goals easily and quickly. Because an Army of ant can cross any problem.

4) Accept

The world is changing fast, new questions don’t need old answers, the ability to accept change and do something new. Do not hesitate to change. Because Buddha said

” When you stop trying to change others and work on changing yourself, your world changes for the better”.

5) Timely planning

Timely planning
Timely planning

Time is of the essence, and good manners are essential to our success. Everyone in this world has fixed time i.e 24 hour. It depends on us how do we use it. In professional life like while working in office we must complete our work on time, this increases chances of promotion. Be Punctual.

Because time and tide wait for none.

Top 27 Hard Skills

1) Cloud compounding

There will be a demand for engineers who can do cloud compounding. Because the data will be infinite in future. More peoples will be required to handle such a huge amount of data.

2) Artificial intelligence


Engineers with AI knowledge will be required in this new field. Because in future people will prefer to use AI rather than roaming the whole world for tourism.

3) Analytical skill.

Analytical skills means breaking down a huge information into small packets so that we can find conclusion in finest way . Analytical Reasoning is a rapidly expanding field.

It skill includes:-

  1. Logical Reasoning

2. Critical Thinking

3. Communication

4. Research

5. Data Analysis

6. Creativity

4) People Management

The essence of ordering people, making rubbish is changing now, adding people, team building has become more important. The real leader is one who show right path to his colleague and take responsibility of any wrong decision.

5) UX design

UX design can be the key to success in the new digital world. The demand of customer matters for each product. Organizations need more expertise to help them build more human-centric products and experiences.

6) Mobile app development

The app developer has been working for the last few years, and this work will be in full swing for some.

7) Video production

Video streaming, watching is just a growing work in the new era. It will require skilled manpower.

8) Sales leadership

Skilled people are always needed in this field, even if the platform changes in the new era, Yakami will need skilled manpower.

9) Translation

The world is getting closer, people and work that overcomes language barriers will become more important in the years to come.


10) Audio production video

Similarly, audio production work and the skills required for it will be in demand.

11) Natural language processing

 This technology used for Alexa, Google Home. The new era will require manpower to be voice activated.

12) Scientific compounding

 Data is growing, this skill is required to work on it.

13) Game development


 Gaming and its craze is fantastic, the demand for new game designers is going to increase. Like pubg has craze over the whole world.

14) Social Media Marketing

 This is a new communication work in the future. Because in todays digital marketing new ideas. It’s going to be more important.

15) Animation

If the era of animation is not over, this work will come in a new form in the new era. In future there will be trend of movies like Avatar, Avengers and etc. So you should try to work on it as beginner from now only.

16) Business Analysis

As the importance of data grows, so will the demand for business analysis, profit-loss investing. In IPL the players are choosen on the basis of their past year statistical data analysis.

17) Journalism

Those who can do good journalism will have great importance and work in the future. Because it never ending field. News are integral part of our life. whether it is Business, Sports, Economical ,political or anything else.

18) Digital Marketing

With the dawn of the digital world, this new marketing world has been created, it is expanding.

19) Industrial Design

Hard Skills vs Soft skills
Hard Skills vs Soft skills

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. Because the coming generation will be fully depend on robot for homemade or war situations. Robot and other industrial equipment designing will have great scope.

20) Competitive skills

As the competition grows, so does the importance of having a strategy that can withstand that competition. Strategy is required to achieve any target in perfect manner, whether in studies, work or professional life.

21) Customer service system

A bad experience will break the customer link, so the need for better customer care systems and people will increase. Companies will mostly invest on making customer service perfect and fast. Like Amazon, Alibaba has lot of different offices in each country so they can reach to customer in their native language.

22) Software testing

Hard Skills vs Soft skills
Hard Skills vs Soft skills

The need for testers to see how new software works will increase. Before uploading any software on internet it is very essential to find its drawbacks and faults so that it would not create any problem in future. NASA hire top software engineers from the whole world who has skills and experience for their space program for testing the working of rovers, satellite, space telescope.

23) Data Science

The importance of this work has been steadily increasing for the last few years. Because to extract meaningful data from from a sea of matrix is not an easy task. You require lot of practice for it.

24) Computer graphics

In the world of 2D, 3D, the need for skilled computer graphics artists will increase.

25) Corporate Communication

One small mistake on social media can make a huge difference around the world. The need for people who have good communication is going to increase.

26) Ethical hacking.

Ethical hacking.
Ethical hacking.

In the future, the internet will grow a lot and online fraud will also increase. In that case, the future will be very bright for companies that will seek the help of ethical hackers to increase their security.

27) Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a business strategy in which the human worker replaced by AI software that can perform responsive and repetitive tasks in an easier and better manner.


Every work in this world require skills whether it is soft or hard hence just learn them. At last I will just say that find the best version of yourself. Fix your aim and motivate yourself to be perfect in your chosen field. If you are working in office work on your communication ,language, leadership, decision making skills. Always try to learn new things and don’t bother about others because after all you have to make your future.

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