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Every female dream to become a mother in her life. Because motherhood makes her life meaningful and complete. But in today’s time, some women can’t fulfill their maternal desire due to many other facilities like education, career, financial condition, stress and not having the right life partner. Those women who don’t want to get pregnant before a certain period of time suddenly realize that they are getting older and if they don’t pay attention to it then they may lose the chance to become a mother in their life. egg freezing

But scientists have found a new solution to this problem and that is egg freezing. I think very few people will know about it less, so let’s know what is egg freezing?

Egg freezing is a smart and safe option for women who want to postpone their pregnancy due to some reasons. It is a new method to stop ticking biological clock and preserve young healthy eggs, giving women a chance to get pregnant when she wants. The collected eggs can be used when the right time comes.

What is egg freezing?

It is a new technique in which a woman’s eggs are extracted from her ovaries, frozen, and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196°C. Factors that determine the success of egg freezing are:-

1) Age of Women At a younger age, a woman has healthy eggs due to which the chances of getting pregnant in the future increase. The earlier the egg freeze, the better its quality is. 
2) Health Obviously, the healthier female can have the chances of getting better egg quality. 3) Clinic The success rate of pregnancy may vary with the clinic.
When the women get ready to conceive the eggs are fertilized with sperms. 4) Quantity of eggs

More freezing eggs can increase the chances of getting a mother.

The world’s first pregnancy was done in 1986 using egg freezing technology.

egg freezing

Who should freeze their Egg

1.Women who don’t want children at early part of life

There are some women’s who want to fulfill their dream like education, career and other priorities.

2. Medical Conditions

Those women who are taking cancer treatment or undergoing bone marrow transplant. For them, the freezing technique is like a boon.

3. Desired life Partner

Some women who want a desired life partner in her life may need to wait for some years. In this case egg freezing is a right choice.

4. Early Menopause

Some families have a history of early of early menopause in such condition doctors suggest patient to conceive quickly. In such cases women can go for egg freezing.

How much do Freezing eggs cost?

In India, the process of extraction and freezing may costs between 50,000 to 1,00,000 Rupee according to the clinic. If women only want to store eggs freeze then the clinic may charge 15,000 to 30,000 per year. And as the duration of the freezing increases, the costs also increase.

There are some countries in the world called “Medical Tourism ” where the cost of egg freezing is very less as compared to other countries. The top countries are Spain and the Czech Republic.

Bottom Line

It is a wonderful technology for women. But it does not guarantee 100% success for pregnancy. When it is a very critical situation then only you should go for egg freezing.

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