cyber security

Cybersecurity is concerned with making cyberspace safe from threats, namely security against electronic attack and spying cyber-threats. cybersecurity of India; job opportunities

  • It includes the measures taken to protect the data and information of any device.
  • the works related to the security of computers, hardware, software, and related networks.
  • It also includes research, study, and analysis of computer-related security by professionals.
  • In this field only professionals and multitalented persons required.
cyber security of India; job opportunities
cyber security

cyber security hacking and job opportunities

 We all now use, store, and send large amounts of information to each other. In addition to this, there is a huge amount of information coming out from companies, industry, and media. It is important that you protect your private information. In addition to this, information related to the Aadhaar or PAN card, information from banks and other financial institutions, information on websites, government secrets, private information of companies should be kept safe. There is always work to be done for that.

 But what if one succeeds in stealing the information?

 To Avoid all this  “Cyber ​​Security” technology comes. This technology has the ability to keep information secure and to detect online crime if it takes place. This technology is becoming more and more important in recent times due to the proliferation of online bets, online ransoms, online investment temptations.cybersecurity of India; j0b opportunities

Why will this be important in the future?

  Modern m an cannot live without food, water, clothing, shelter, mobile and internet. The picture is everywhere as it is almost true. Facebook is estimated to have two billion people in the world. The number of WhatsApp users is growing at a rate that should be beyond measure.


The amount of information that is stored on the Internet will leave you stunned. Everything from paying your electricity bill to wishing your loved one a happy birthday now happens through the internet and mobile. Many people now do shopping and banking as well as insurance transactions online.

cyber security
cyber security

The stock market, mutual funds, and all other investments are becoming more and more online. a number of such examples available in our surroundings.

The new generation has  an extra organ called as  mobile. In such a scenario, there is no doubt that the information explosion will take on a more monstrous form and at the same time, the question of security of information will get worse. It is certain that the crime will increase as only a few people have a good knowledge of the subject.

In such a situation, there is a great need for young people who can take care of the security of information to keep all this safe and to find a way out of it even after committing a crime. Everyone is involved in raising awareness on the subject of information security. From doing the work directly related to this technology to be proficient in cyberlaw, cybercrime.

What skills does it take to learn this?

 The basic concepts related to information security as well as data communication. It is imperative that everyone who wants to work in this field learns this subject as deeply as possible. Often people do a certification in this field and start trying to work directly in this field. This is completely wrong. This is a form of direct roof construction without strengthening the foundation of the building. cybersecurity of India; j0b opportunities

It is important to understand how the Internet works (web technology as well as TCP / IP) apart from the operation of computer networks. After all this, the subject of information security needs to be studied in depth. The topics covered are “Cryptography” and “Network Security”. After learning all this, depending on the nature of the work, it may be necessary to do some certificate course or complete a private course.

What are the employment opportunities?

1) For those who have a degree in computer science, there are many opportunities in these areas to manage programming as well as server and network security. The job is available quickly.

2) “Hacking” is another area. Hacking is not just a crime. Hacking for a good reason known as “ethical hacking”.


3) Suppose a bank has created a website for its customers. Before opening it now, it would be important to check if there are any security flaws left in it. For this, such a bank takes the help of an expert. This expert has an up-to-date knowledge of how to hack a website. Such a hacker is called an ethical hacker. Of course, this is a very skillful job.

4) In addition to this, it takes people to design and implement policies related to information security in your company. It takes an “Auditor” to check the effect of such policies.

5) It takes people to investigate cyber crime. Cyber security to investigate the legal aspects of cybercrime and incidents there and to prosecute accordingly. It also requires programs with such special skills to write programs that are strictly for the security of information. All in all, there are literally limitless opportunities in this field. The appetite for learning should be as much.


  • If you want to pursue carrier in cyber security there are huge opportunities, but you need to have whole knowledge with some experience.
  • You must be able to upgrade yourself with time.
  • And the most important , you should have interest for computer, otherwise you wont be able to perform in better manner.

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